Young Leaders

St. Michael’s Young Leaders (SMYL) is a group of young professionals in the downtown core who raise funds and awareness on behalf of St. Michael’s Hospital. SMYL hosts four amazing events every year – THE BOWLER, THE DUFFER, THE DODGER and THE GIVER.

Since it began in 2008, SMYL has raised over $1.8 million (net). SMYL is now committed to raising an ambitious $500,000 for Scar Wars, a groundbreaking research centre at St. Mike’s that is revolutionizing treatment for fibrosis – or organ scarring – the cause of nearly half the deaths in the developed world. When you join SMYL, you become a part of Toronto’s next-gen philanthropists who enable St. Michael’s world-leading physicians and scientists to take on the toughest health challenges of our time.


Kay Schonberger
Bill Pringle

Foundation Rep

Monica Estrada MacDonald


Erin Quinn, Chair
Adelaide Johnson
Joyce Wu

Innovation Committee

Anna Wu, Co-Chair
Masha Kennedy, Co-Chair

BOWLER Committee

Julia Nugent, Co-Chair
Stephanie Poon, Co-Chair
Lauren Nicoll, Vice Chair
Alex Hann
Anna Maria Scoulos
Charles Lussier-Bourque
David Roderick
Jack Gallagher
Jamie Wood
Matthew Lam
Sarah MacNicol

DUFFER Committee

Josh Harris, Co-Chair
Josh Rotstein, Co-Chair
Roz McLean, Vice Chair
Alexandra Parans
Andrew Redelmeier
Christine Robson
Connor Pugliese
Daniel Cappell
Drew Barvir
Lance Pridham
Patrick Gajos
Ryan Seager
Sarah Greenwood

DODGER Committee

Laura Charters Carruthers, Co-Chair
Ron Burshtein, Co-Chair
Mike Alfieri, Vice-Chair
Deian Kutev
Hwen Jeon
Jacob Trenholm
Matt Higgins
Michael Spring
Olivia Foster
Tanya Donovan
Zac Ford

GIVER Committee

Chelsea Rasmussen, Co-Chair
Meghan Moore, Co-Chair
Lara Ariganello, Vice-Chair
Dalila Djilali
Emily Ing
Emma Herron
Garrett Clyne
Kyle Westhaver
Matt Wong
Sarah Brown
Toma Tzakov<

Sponsorship Committee

Liz Nucci, Co-Chair
Peter Burkholder, Co-Chair
Andrew Miller, Vice-Chair
Adam Campagnolo
Ariana Cussato
Audrey Hamilton
Calum MacBeth
Carys Baker
Chris Bass
Cold Baldwin
Connor Luck
Danielle Harrs
David Clark
David Cottingham
Emma Steiner
Fahad Khan
Jenny Holland
Kathleen Kilin
Kelly Coffin
Meg Robertson
Mitchell Rothman
Nicole Lawson
Rishika Aggarwal
Sean Kilin
Soula Peramatzis


The Giver
Date TBD

Enjoy an evening of delicious food, flowing drinks, socializing, dancing, and always a little something unexpected at SMYL’s social gala, The Giver View website.

The Bowler
Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spare some time and leave no pin standing at SMYL’s light-hearted competitive bowling tournament, The Bowler. View 2018 photos.

The Duffer
Thursday June 13, 2019

Join us for a relaxing day on the greens at SMYL’s premier golf tournament, The Duffer. View 2018 photos.

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