David's story

One morning David Cuthbertson tripped at the office and fell on his left shoulder. Ten minutes went by and, since he was still in great pain, he walked a few blocks to the Emergency at St. Michael's. Within minutes of being x-rayed, the radiologist showed him the cracks in his left upper arm bone and shoulder. Since no surgery was required, an Emergency physician put his arm in a sling and gave David an appointment at the Fracture Clinic. There he was seen by Dr. James Waddell of the Orthopedic Division. Only physiotherapy was required; however, Dr. Waddell was concerned, so he referred David for osteoporosis screening.

“Not only was the fracture diagnosed quickly and compassionately, but the follow up detected and then dealt with the underlying problem of osteoporosis. I was impressed and grateful. I'm very happy to support the work they do at St. Michael's”.
– David Cuthbertson

Even though David was only 58, he had severe osteoporosis for his age. He was shocked, since he thought he was in good health. Osteoporosis affects 2 million Canadians, including one in four women over the age of 50, and costs $1.9 billion a year to treat. This bone tissue disease increases the risk of hip, spine and wrist fractures.

Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Dr. Earl Bogoch and Victoria Elliot-Gibson, St. Michael's screens all patients who suffer fragility fractures for osteoporosis. Our screening program was so successful that it was rolled out across the province.

Since then, David's bone density has improved and he's back out playing golf.

Your donation to St. Michael's can help many people live longer, healthier lives. Donor gifts fund medical studies, like the one at St. Michael's Fracture Clinic. And, thanks to the success of the study, every Ontarian who suffers a fracture in future will get screened at their local hospital for osteoporosis. To support research at St. Michael's, you can give online or call us at 416.864.5000 today.

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