Even people who have little give big

St. Michael’s has more than 25,000 donors who support the hospital’s research, education and patient care. One such donor caught the attention of staff when he rolled his shopping cart into the Foundation’s offices, located in the Donnelly Wing.

“I’d like to make a donation.”

M (who asked not to be identified by name) pulled out a certified cheque from his pocket after rustling through his shopping cart and handed over a gift to St. Michael’s. M has often been in need of assistance and has availed himself of many of St. Michael’s inner city health programs, including the Rotary Transition Centre. He is underhoused and does not have a steady income that he has identified, but he did make it clear that he believes passionately in St. Michael’s and the level of care he has received here.

M truly embodies the selfless spirit of helping others that inspires everything we do at St. Michael’s. – Alayne Metrick, President, St. Michael's Foundation

With gifts from $44.44 to more than $1,000 at a time, M always makes sure to honour the doctors, nurses and staff for their “top notch care.” After the last visit, M followed up by phone and made a point of telling foundation staff that “he is blessed for many things” and one of those things “is the people in both the foundation and hospital that always show care and compassion.”

M has never asked for acknowledgement; he just wants his caregivers to know that he appreciates the personal attention he has received over the years.

“We talk a lot about giving back and offering thanks for excellent care,” said foundation President Alayne Metrick. “But M truly embodies the selfless spirit of helping others that inspires everything we do at St. Michael’s.” To support the excellent care you, your family and friends receive at St. Michael’s, please share your story, give online, or call us to donate at 416.864.5000 today.