Hallowe'en Tricks and Treats

We asked Dr. David Jenkins, a world leader in nutrition research, what he recommends if you need a sweet treat, and what mini candy bars could mean for your waistline. Dr. Jenkins is the creator of the Glycemic Index (GI) that has paved the way for many of today’s popular diets.

Deceiving Miniature Sizes

Mini candy bars aren't a little indulgence if you eat more than one. The issue with the small chocolates and candies is that their small size can be deceiving and we tend to eat more of them than we should. Don't be fooled by this trick.

Candy Nutrition Facts

On average, 8-16 gram mini candy bars have 40-80 calories each. Eat just two or three and you'll easily take in an additional 10% more food energy than your body needs. This is based on an adult diet of 2,500 calories per day.

Don't Treat Yourself Everyday

Pack a few mini candy bars in your lunch every day and you could set yourself up for a substantial weight gain over time. Eating 10% more energy than your body needs on a regular basis can add up to extra pounds and increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Try a Healthier Treat

Instead of candy, try dried nuts and fruits, like berries, oranges and apples as treats. Fruits and nuts have been shown to be beneficial in improving cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, blood pressure and, overall, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease.

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