Jason’s story

Just a quick note to let you know about my experience at your hospital.

When I arrived on a Friday in August for lithotripsy the receptionists at the clinic were friendly and helpful.

As I waited, I noticed an older man being escorted down the hall by a young male staff member. He was moving at a snails pace - painfully slow. The young man helping him was way more patient than I think I would have been. The woman behind me was confused about what she should be doing next, so one of the receptionists got up and cheerfully left with her.

When I went down to get my X-ray, I noticed a young woman helping an older man and making him feel comfortable.

Back at the lithotripsy clinic, someone played a video for me, and everyone was very friendly and professional. There was a culture of caring that I’ve seldom felt in a hospital.

I’ve been in places where you run into a few kind people, but at St. Michael’s I saw warmth and compassion everywhere I looked. And this was on a busy Friday afternoon, when many staff were likely tired and coming to the end of their shifts.

I know this sort of thing doesn't happen by accident.