John’s Story

Everything went really well. I am so grateful to St. Michael’s for saving my life.”
–John Lecluse

John Lecluse had no symptoms at all. No chest pain. No shortness of breath. But when his colleague died after a fatal heart attack, John thought it was time for a check-up with the family doctor.

“My doctor put me through some tests and wasn’t completely happy with the results. He sent me to see a cardiologist,” he says. “I was told I needed an angiogram, but the wait at my local hospital was over three months. I knew I couldn’t wait that long so my doctor referred me to St. Michael’s.”

“I can personally relate to being on an operating table for surgery so this is the perfect gift,” he says. “It is such a rewarding feeling to give back in this way.”

Good thing. John had an angiogram the following week that showed complete blockages in his main arteries. He was at risk for a heart attack and was booked for surgery right away.

“Everything went really well. I am so grateful to St. Michael’s for saving my life,” says John. “My care was superb from beginning to end. Dr. Daniel Bonneau and all of the nurses were very comforting.”

It is this care that inspired John to give back to the team that helped him. John and his family are purchasing two operating tables for cardiovascular surgery. These tables have a built-in warming device. This is a key feature because it normalizes the patient’s body temperature after surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding and effect on the brain.

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