Larry's story

Larry Moodie has been a regular at St. Michael’s Hospital since 2003, when he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease) and fitted with a pacemaker. Since then he has developed congestive heart failure and arrhythmia - irregular heartbeat - and had a defibrillator implanted in his chest. And when his wife, Debra, rushed him to a Florida hospital after the defibrillator had shocked his heart back to life, it was a nurse practitioner at St. Michael’s they called to seek reassurance that all would be well.

Thanks to St. Michael’s, I was there when my children got married, and can now enjoy my two grandchildren.
– Larry Moodie

For Larry and Debra, RN Vimy Barnard-Roberts has been their constant companion through this healthcare journey. She was the link between Dr. Paul Dorian’s electrophysiology team, cardiologist Dr. Abdul al-Hesayen, the research pharmacy and Larry’s family doctor. She passed along critical information to the physicians in Florida. She made sure Larry had an immediate appointment on his return to Toronto at the St. Michael’s heart clinic. And Vimy was able to assure them both: “Larry will be all right.” For Larry and his wife, Vimy truly is their “Urban Angel.”

According to Larry, “Vimy’s encouragement just to live my life has helped me deal with my condition and stay positive. Through my experience with the Robert W. McRae Heart Health Unit staff, I know that a few good people can make a big difference in healthcare. Thanks to St. Michael’s, I was there when my children got married, and can now enjoy my two grandchildren.” Larry was inspired to donate to St. Michael’s, to give back and to recognize his Urban Angel, Vimy Bernard-Roberts.

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