Lynda and Ron Douglas
We have told so many people about St. Michael's. We are in the U.S. a lot and they simply can't believe our stories about the great care we receive at St. Mike's.

For Lynda and her husband Ron, when they need exceptional medical care they always turn to St. Michael's.

Like all of her siblings, Lynda inherited glaucoma from her father. Lynda, her brother and sister have all been patients of Dr. Neeru Gupta. Lynda continues to see Dr. Gupta regularly and praises the compassionate approach to care, "Whenever you see Dr. Gupta she makes you feel so special. She takes the time to understand what's really going on and how you're feeling – without ever making you feel rushed."

"My brother moved to Ottawa but still commutes to Toronto to see Dr. Gupta because she managed to make his vision better than it had been in years. When my sister moved to London, Dr. Gupta referred her to another ophthalmologist she recommended and trusted."

Lynda and Ron's experiences at St. Michael's extend beyond the ophthalmology clinic. During the SARS epidemic, Ron was very sick with a stomach bug and had to be admitted. More recently, Lynda suffered a gall bladder attack on a long weekend and came in to the Emergency department. "In both cases, the ER doctors and staff we saw were so kind and wonderful to deal with."

"That is why Ron and I made the decision a couple of years ago to include St. Michael's Hospital in our will."