Murray’s Story

Murray Brasseur, founder and chair of the Middlefield Group, a Toronto investment firm, was so impressed by St. Michael’s care that the company is making a gift of $1 million. The company has been a leading sponsor of the Hospital’s Urban Angel Golf Classic for several years, but this gift is based on strong personal connections.

While driving home one night last year, Gideon Valenzuela, Murray's assistant, and his wife Annabella were hit by a drunk driver. Annabella was rushed to St. Michael’s and the outlook was very serious.

After weeks in intensive care and four procedures, she is making a remarkable recovery. Her husband is very thankful to the staff who cared for her and credited them with her remarkable recovery. Both Gideon and his mother have worked at Middlefield for over ten years.

Murray has said that the Middlefield gift is also in recognition of the care that Garth Jestley, the company’s chief executive, received when he was treated at the Hospital for lung cancer.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Murray said, “St. Michael’s has been so good to everyone, including Garth, that we just said ‘Yes, let’s help them out here.’”

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