Tim’s Story

“I have a long history with St. Michael’s.” says Tim Griffin. “It’s been a big part of my life.”

Tim got his start one summer when, as a student, he worked as an orderly in the OR. He portered patients, mopped floors and walls, and got to watch almost every operation: “It was an incredible experience – best job I ever had. That got me interested in the Hospital right there.”

Since then he has put in many more hours as a volunteer. He has served on three capital campaigns for the Hospital and was chair of the Foundation Board for five years. In February 2009 he went on the annual St. Michael’s mission to the Philippines. Not only did he volunteer, he personally raised $100,000 for the mission.

“An institution is just a building but there’s a spirit, an ethos that gets established in any great institution. It’s that ethos that’s very appealing and makes people want to get involved - you can feel it. I’m convinced that people who work here have that spirit and do everything they can to nurture it.”

I’ve often asked myself how long can I keep doing this. I should go and do something else – but I don’t want to.”