William Dimanis

“I come here three times a week for four hours at a time,” says William Dimanis, retired chef, while undergoing dialysis from his hospital bed in St. Michael’s Hemodialysis Unit. “I walk every time. When I get here, I feel heavy and very tired. I look forward to coming—I feel so much better when I leave, and I get to see Ann.”

William was diagnosed with kidney disease in 1977. He was able to manage his condition until three years ago when doctors told him he had no choice but to begin dialysis.

Ann is my urban angel. She takes great care of me.
– William Dimanis

Ann, a nurse practitioner in the unit has cared for William — or Chef, as she calls him — from the beginning of his care at St. Michael’s. “There are not too many patients like Chef who can walk to and from dialysis,” says Ann. “It’s wonderful to see him doing so well.”

Ann believes she cannot take sole credit for Chef’s progress. She says it’s a partnership between Mr. Dimanis and the entire healthcare team that has helped him to be at his best state of health.

“The team has helped me get to where I am today. Ann is my urban angel. She takes great care of me. I like her no-nonsense approach. Whatever she tells me, I listen,” he says.

“Three years ago, I had to take a taxi to dialysis and walk with two canes. Now I can walk all the way home.”

Hospital Fact: In 2011, each week at St. Michael’s, over 240 patients receive dialysis usually three times, up to four hours daily. Last year, we provided over 39.449 individual treatments.