Young Leaders deliver baby

We want to give back to an organization that is itself giving back.
– Katie Harrigan
Former Chair
Young Leaders

The Young Leaders, a group of enthusiastic young volunteers, delivered a new baby to St. Michael’s Hospital.

Funds raised by the Young Leaders in 2010 were used to purchase a life-size infant mannequin that helps healthcare providers learn how to care for children with breathing difficulties or heart abnormalities. It looks and acts like a real baby – and that’s the point. This computer-controlled system provides realistic, real-time reactions to healthcare interventions.

“We want to give back to an organization that is itself giving back.”
– Katie Harrigan, Former Chair of the Young Leaders

This latest arrival joins the growing family of simulators used to educate young professionals and develop effective multi-disciplinary team dynamics in the operating room. Traditional education in hospitals would put students and residents in real-life situations. Simulation education provides a safe and comfortable environment in which they can master the steep learning curve associated with acute healthcare.

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