Demystifying COVID-19 Myths

Dr. Peter Juni, a St. Michael’s scientist, is trying to demystify some of the myths around COVID-19.  

What should you do in an elevator? Should you go to the dentist? Can you buy fruits and vegetables at the market? Learn about these and other interesting facts in Dr. Juni’s video.

Dr. Juni, director of St. Michael’s Applied Health Research Centre, and his team of 70 oversee all patient-oriented clinical research. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Juni has been busier than ever, coordinating more than 30 COVID-19 related studies, among these at least 10 clinical trials that address key questions related to the pandemic. Does hydroxychloroquine prevent COVID-19 in people exposed to someone with the virus? What is the prevalence of COVID-19 among children in the community? Does blood thinning in COVID-19 patients prevent strokes.  

Dr. Ori Rotstein, VP of Research and Innovation at Unity Health Toronto and the Keenan Chair in Research Leadership at St. Michael’s Hospital asked Dr. Juni about why research is so important in defeating the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Beyond clinical care, there are two ways to save lives during the pandemic: adherence to social distancing measures by all of us, and clinical research projects that help us understand what to do to prevent surges of the epidemic, protect vulnerable people from getting infected, and treat people at different stages of the disease. It will eventually only be research that will provide the necessary breakthrough to defeat the pandemic.”

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