Leading the Way in Diversity and Equity

At St. Michael’s, diversity and equity are leading priorities.

Not long ago, The New Yorker magazine featured on its cover “Operating Theatre,” an illustration by the French artist Malika Favre of four female members of a surgical team gazing down over a patient on an operating table.

For Dr. Nancy Baxter, chief of St. Michael’s general surgery, and Dr. Jennifer Anderson, chief of the hospital’s ear, nose and throat department, that was a rallying cry. They recreated the illustration with St. Michael’s very own surgeons. Same surgical caps and masks, same stance, same piercing eyes.

Assembling a St. Mike’s team of female surgeons was easy. That’s in part because of our commitment to addressing gender imbalance.

At St. Mike’s, women make up half of our executive team. And experts like Dr. Sharon Straus, the hospital’s interim physician-in-chief and director of knowledge translation, are publishing influential research on gender equity that is setting the standard for the health-care industry.

St. Michael’s leadership knows that gender balance benefits the entire research and medical community, which in turn benefits all our patients.

We know we’re never perfect. So we’re assessing ourselves and making changes to ensure our makeup reflects the community we serve. Because, at the end of the day, we want to ensure that equity at St. Mike’s is a reality.

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