Founding Values

When you meet Mary T. Blair, Terry to her friends, you instantly notice her infectious spirit and passion for life. She is a beacon of independence and tradition, finding strength in Catholicism, community and friends.

For Terry, St. Michael’s is really where it all began. Her parents first met at St. Michael’s, where her mother was a nurse-in-training and her father was working as a cabinet maker. Later, she and her five siblings, four boys and a girl, all entered the world at St. Michael’s.

Years later, when Terry’s husband Harold was treated by a St. Michael’s cardiologist, she was reminded just what a special place St. Michael’s was.

I have nothing but good things to say about St. Michael’s. It is a loving refuge for inpatients and outpatients alike.

Since then, she has supported St. Michael’s and the innovative health-care practices and research that take place here. Terry identifies with the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph, who founded the hospital in 1892, to care for Toronto’s most vulnerable and underserved. Terry, like the nuns, believes that everything we own is given from God and should be shared to help everybody who asks for help – especially the homeless and underhoused.

By choosing to support St. Michael’s, and by including us in her will, Terry is ensuring that her legacy will live on, and continue to provide the hospital with the resources it needs to provide compassionate care to each and every patient who walks through its doors.