Life-threatening Injury on Highway 400

Thanks to The Slaight Family Foundation, our new, state-of-the-art Emergency Department means the best life-saving technology for twice as many patients.

As the helicopter landed on St. Mike’s helipad, a team of doctors raced to get Jane into emergency surgery after a motorcycle crash sent her careening headfirst into a highway guardrail.

Because of St. Michael’s world-renowned trauma team, Jane recovered and walked back into her life several months later.

Every year, hundreds of patients like Jane, whose lives are on the line, are rushed to St. Michael’s Emergency Department. Our relentless team of critical care experts are trained to see obstacles as opportunities. When one road is blocked, they blaze new trails. St. Michael’s has been extending that level of care to over 78,000 patients annually. The problem? We just didn’t have the space to provide the kind of care we’re known for.

Thanks to a landmark $10 million investment from the Slaight family, we’re now building a twice-as-large, stateof- the-art emergency department that will complement the expertise of our world-class physicians and staff. When it’s finished, the Slaight Family Emergency Department will have medical imaging on site so patients receive care faster. The department will also feature an enhanced trauma room, a dedicated mental-health area, and an ambulatory area.

We’ve already completed phase one of the transformation – the Arrell Acute Care Area – and have begun caring for patients in single-patient rooms with more space for loved ones, and walls instead of curtains to maximize confidentiality, minimize noise and prevent infection. The area also incorporates best practices in health-care design, such as tempered glass doors that switch from transparent to opaque, allowing clinical staff to monitor patients or offer privacy when it’s needed.

Jane survived her harrowing ordeal because she was brought to St. Michael’s, where our physicians, nurses and staff rise to every challenge.

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