Making a Forever Gift

Brian Helm is a jovial man, full of wit, with a fine sense of humour and a fifty-year international career in transportation planning and management consulting. With a hint of a British accent, a tribute to his roots in Yorkshire, England, Brian recently shared his experiences with St. Michael’s and why he has chosen to make a planned gift to the hospital.

Back in 1975, while attending an annual company gathering in Muskoka, Brian was walking across the grounds of the hotel at night when he accidentally stepped into a grass-covered “rabbit hole” and severely broke his right leg – so much so that people nearby recounted hearing a loud “crack”. He was immediately taken to the Huntsville Memorial Hospital, where he was fitted with a temporary cast and referred to St. Michael’s Hospital for further treatment. Upon returning to Toronto, Brian reported to the St. Michael’s orthopedic department and his leg was reset and fully encased in a “permanent” cast.  When Brian asked if he would be able to travel to Edmonton later that week for work, the answer was a resounding “yes”.

“After I arrived in Edmonton I started to worry about my leg, just because of the nature of the break. I went to an Edmonton hospital for a second opinion. When the doctor there heard who had treated me at St. Michael’s, he said, ‘There’s nowhere better, you couldn't have had better treatment.’ And with that, my fears were immediately eased.”

Ever since then, Brian had been enrolled in the care of family physicians associated with St. Michael’s, including most recently the Sumac Creek Health Centre – and he couldn’t be more grateful for the care.

The care I received from St. Michael’s over the years has been great. The clinics are consistently well-organized, and I always feel taken care of.

That’s why, in addition to annual donations, Brian has included a modest gift to the hospital in his will “to underscore my gratitude for the excellent care I’ve received over the years” – and, by supporting the Angel Care Endowment Fund, his gift will live on, and continue to help other patients for years to come – a forever gift.”