The Highest-Risk Cases

When it’s a matter of moms and babies, St. Michael’s neonatal experts are ready 24/7.

So when Emerlinda, a Jehovah’s Witness whose religion forbid her to have a blood transfusion, needed an emergency C-section, a hysterectomy and additional surgery, she came to St. Michael’s – the only hospital in the country able to perform the complex delivery.

It’s not surprising that we’re a national leader in treating pregnant moms and babies. Or that we set national standards for how babies should be resuscitated. Or that we inform national policy on treating neonatal illnesses. Or that we train the majority of U of T obstetric and pediatric residents – including those from SickKids. Or that we treat more pregnant moms who suffer from homelessness, HIV, mental health challenges or drug addiction than any hospital in the province.

To keep advancing neonatal care, we need facilities that match the expertise of our teams. So we’re building a state-of-the-art maternity floor with obstetrics, NICU and a recovery unit all on one floor. That means moms won’t be separated from their babies. And it means that if anything goes wrong during a normal delivery, moms can be treated right where they are by world-class experts.

Our new NICU will have private, spacious rooms and a unique transitional care unit outfitted with the most advanced equipment and the latest in infection control. The NICU will be designed to keep families together because St. Michael’s studies have shown that’s what produces the best outcomes. We will provide the right care, in the right space, at the right time. Everyone benefits, including our most disadvantaged patients.

The NICU will provide expectant mothers with the most comprehensive care in the country from the world’s finest health-care experts.

St. Michael’s is building the NICU of the future. We need your help to make it happen.


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Erin Baier, Director, Philanthropy – Research |

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