Young Mom Gets a Second Chance

For a woman in her early 30s, Meghan Clark had already endured so much: a heart transplant in 2015 and then a serious malfunction in her new heart that doctors said would eventually lead to heart failure.

“When they told me that I had this leaky tricuspid valve, it was very, very depressing,” Meghan recalls.

“You go through having a heart that’s so bad it needs to come out of your body, then you get a new heart and they tell you it’s not working that well. I was quite shocked. You start thinking: ‘How bad is it going to get?’”

Fortunately, Meghan was a perfect candidate for Dr. Neil Fam’s groundbreaking, non-invasive procedure, which he performed in October 2017.

Meghan stayed just one night at St. Michael’s Hospital, and left the next day. Today, she is thriving, back at the gym, playing with her three-year-old daughter and doing all the everyday things she loves.

It was wonderful to be a patient at St. Mike’s, and the procedure itself was amazing. The things they can do with medicine right now! — Meghan Clark

“The morning of the procedure we were making jokes and I told Dr. Fam, ‘I hope you’re good at video games, trying to catch this pumping valve to put a clip on it!’ He is a very, very good guy with a really good bedside manner.”

“It was wonderful to be a patient at St. Mike’s, and the procedure itself was amazing. The things they can do with medicine right now! My first heart was messed up and I was given a second chance. My second heart was messed up, too, but now it’s so great to get back to my new normal.”

“I wish Dr. Fam all the best so he can keep helping patients like me.”

Some heart conditions, like Meghan's, can't be fixed with surgery. And since necessity really is the mother of invention, St. Michael’s Hospital is pioneering a new way forward for people with heart failure. Dr. Fam and his team are saving lives and garnering global attention with a procedure known as transcatheter tricuspid intervention.

Unfortunately, the procedure isn’t covered by government funding, which makes the role of St. Michael’s donors more critical than ever.

“Donor support not only enables us to change and save lives, it inspires the work we do every single day,” Dr. Fam says. “We want donors to know that we’re spending the money as responsibly as possible. This is a novel way of doing things and we’re tremendously grateful for the opportunity.”

Many of the people we see literally have nowhere else to turn. Thanks to our donors, we’re helping people who have no other option.” — Dr. Neil Fam, Director, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

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