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Something About Mary

Dr. Mary Papantony was truly a one-of-a-kind woman. Though she passed away following a long illness in July 2016, she lived a rich and storied life during her 86 years. Those who were fortunate to know her often joke that she had nine lives and lived each one of them to the fullest.
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New Centre for People with MS

It’s unpredictable. IT AFFECTS 100,000 CANADIANS. It can cause fatigue, weakness, tingling, impaired sensation, lack of coordination, vision issues and mood changes, among other symptoms. And today, scientists and researchers around the world are more determined than ever to find ways to prevent this puzzling autoimmune disease that’s perplexed neurologists for decades. Internationally regarded as a top trailblazer in the field, Dr. Xavier Montalban’s groundbreaking work has inspired new promise for the diagnosis and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. Recently recruited to St. Michael’s from Barcelona, Spain’s renowned MS Centre of Catalonia, his arrival has been described as a “game-changer.”
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Leaving a Legacy

My parents, Cecylia and Joseph, were born in Poland,” says Helena Wojs, “and were taken by the Nazis from their homeland during the Second World War to labor camps in Germany. As young people, their lives were hard but they both survived. They met after the war and were sponsored by two families to come to Canada, to Toronto, in 1948 to start a new life. After they died, I felt that I needed to leave some kind of a legacy, not just for myself, but especially in honour of both my parents, knowing that if I do, it will help the Hospital.
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Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries

Seared brussels sprouts with sunflower butter and cranberries: tiny towers of flavour, these appetizers will fly off the plate. "You've never had brussels sprouts like this before. These appetizers are small but mighty. Each one is bursting with wholesome ingredients," says Dr. Jonathon Maguire.
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Sugar and Spice Plum Cake

A recipe for Sugar and Spice Plum Cake - perfect for the holidays!
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The ABZzzs of Sleep

Urban Angel caught up with Dr. Richard Leung, Director of St. Michael’s Hospital’s Sleep Laboratory, and Associate Scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, and asked him for some advice on how to turn a less than ideal sleep pattern around.
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Dr. James Maskalyk Finalist for RBC Taylor Prize

St. Michael’s emergency doctor and bestselling author, Dr. James Maskalyk pulls back the curtain on life in the emergency department in his award-winning memoir, Life on the Ground Floor: Letters from the Edge of Emergency Medicine.
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November 28 is Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is fast approaching, so here’s your chance to be part of something big. After the hype of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is the movement that celebrates giving back.This year, join your fellow Canadians in making an impact on your favourite cause: St. Michael’s Hospital.

Your support will go a long way toward helping us keep up with the latest life-saving treatments, equipment and research.

This year, help make Giving Tuesday the best one ever.

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Haute Holiday Cookies

Try these delicious, make ahead and bake-as-you-need-them cookies.
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A Christmas Eve Miracle

I’d been singing in a church concert a few days before Christmas, then woke up the next morning feeling really ill. Things quickly escalated to the point where I was seeing double and having trouble breathing. Once my partner got me to my community hospital, my blood pressure was extremely low. My heart’s mitral valve was failing, and the doctors knew they weren’t equipped to deal with that so they sent me right away to St. Michael’s Hospital. I needed a heart specialist — and St. Mike’s was the best place for me.
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