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BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs

These pork ribs can be boiled and marinated in advance. Brush with the BBQ sauce and keep in the fridge until needed. Bring the ribs to room temperature before grilling.
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Chocolate Bliss Balls

If you love chocolate, these are good for you in moderation. Try this recipe for Chocolate Bliss Balls and savour one for your dessert.
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Gougères are savoury mini choux pastry mixed with cheese and can be eaten as a snack on their own, or stuffed with various fillings such as braised meats, mushrooms or eggplant tapenade.
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Beginning the End of Homelessness

St. Michael’s Hospital is an international leader in the care of homeless people. Through the Urban Angel Fund for Homeless People, established by a visionary $10 million gift from Louis L. Odette Family, we are testing new approaches to help homeless people regain their lives and, ultimately, end homelessness. To raise awareness about this important issue, St. Michael’s hosted its second Louis L. Odette Urban Angel Fund for Homeless People Annual Lecture on October 23, 2015. More than 100 people attended the lecture, which featured key note speaker Tim Richter, CEO of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. He presented a talk entitled, “Beginning the End of Homelessness in Canada.”
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St. Michael's By the Numbers

St. Michael's is a busy hub for patient care, medical research and health care training. Just how busy? Find out in our short video, St. Michael's By the Numbers.
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Dr. David Jenkins' Top 10 Healthy Foods

Dr. David Jenkins is a world leader in nutrition research. He is the founder of the Glycemic Index (GI) that has paved the way for many of today’s popular diets. In this article, he names the top 10 healthy foods based on his research findings.
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